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Brewer High School
The Brewer High School Student Council will host a Cuban sandwich dinner at 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 10, at the school. The dinner will include a Cuban sandwich, baked beans, coleslaw and dessert...

Jessica W. said: "The food at Blank Canvas Brewery was amazing!! It was so flavorful and fresh! I can't wait for you to open your restaurant!"

Review and Comments

​Zee S. said: "The Rub was great. I grilled for the family using it and got thumbs up."

Devin F. said: "I was lucky enough to try some of Steve's incredible cooking today and it was fantastic! All the dishes that I tried exploded with flavor. This won't be a one time thing. I'm looking forward to more!"

​Diane LS said: "We used the seasoning (Nina's "Unpredicatable" Rub). I loved it. My husband (Chef Steve S.) actually used it on salmon. It was great. I thought it was going to be really strong for the salmon, but it was perfect. He liked it so much he brought it to his class to use when he made the students lunch the first day. He made roast pork. It was a hit with them too. He said the layers of flavor in the seasoning worked really well."

Stephen G. said: "The salsa and Ropa Vieja were awesome. These people know how to dish up tasty food."

Jason V. said: "A true perfection of great taste and service!"

Kathy said: "I come from a restaurant background, did for over 25 yrs...lunch was very good, I would dine with you anytime and pass the word along as well."

​Deb N said: "Loved this! The bread is amazing-loved the "crunchy" outside-warm-melty inside-perfect amount of cheese-nice size. On the Black Bean Salsa-Homerun!!! Great flavor-Just enough "heat"."

Melissa G said: About Sophia's "ST. Louis" BLT- "This was incredible from the first bite to the last."

Jackie N. said: "Yumtastic!"

​Anonymous said: "Chicken sandwich was the best one. Delicious!!!

​Dr. Dan G. said: "I enjoyed my first taste today and was very impressed. Hands down the best Cuban sandwich I've ever had. The salsa was amazing as well. I will definitely be enjoying more of this in the future. Highly recommend!"​

Jen B said: "I really loved this food and loved the option of a total vegetarian meal! This was really, really good, and I think it would be a welcome addition to the downtown scene."

Heather T. said: "I have had the pleasure of trying A Taste of Sunshine in Maine's Cubano sandwich and the Carne Guisada, both receive the blue ribbon for seasoning and creativity! Both items were also cooked to perfection! I cannot wait to have more! Thank you for introducing your cuisine to our area."

​Nicole G. said: "If there were 10 stars to give, I'd give them! I'm rarely at a loss for words, but wow. Just DELICIOUS!!! I am stuffed, happy, and in a mild food coma...and already planning my next meal with A Taste of Sunshine in Maine!"

​Tom B said: That Nina's rub was thumbs up!

​We look forward to serving you and hope to please you as much as our previous guests. and remember,

"Life's too short for a bad meal"

​​​A Taste of Sunshine in Maine