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About US

Our menu features Maine's only authentic line of Cuban-style Sandwiches. They're made with soft fresh bread, smoked pork, select Virginia Ham, herbed mustard, pickles, and Swiss Cheese. Please check our menu fo other options as well. Give us a call. (207) 573-1700. Authentic Miami Cuban bread also available.

We have all the parking you might need right across the street in the Brewer City parking lot as well as next to our building. Off of N. Main St., just turn onto Union St. towards Getchell Bros. Ice Company and make a left towards our parking lot.



Take-out Service only

As with all great things, a strong base at the beginning determines greatness. Our staff has worked several years towards ensuring our recipes and full range of products are the best we can provide to your family and ours. We've taught classes locally for several years. Check us out on Facebook for updated daily info.

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Our products are locally sourced as much as possible but let's face it, as great as our state of Maine is, not too many banana trees growing up here. Maine has an abudance of healthy and fresh local ingredients. Our main supplier is WA Bean.

​Our motto is "Life's too short for a bad meal."  With that in mind, we look forward to providing you with the speediest take-out service possible while still delivering a quality of service you can look forward to. All items are hand crafted and may not be available daily.

Take-Out service only (no seating), no delivery. Advanced ordering available. Please feel free to contact us at: (207) 573-1700 or on Facebook to check availability of our products. Thank you for your patience and support.